Find a Contractor





We at Allen Lumber are asked many times a year to help in finding a contractor to do a job for a homeowner.


We have developed a way in which to help homeowners find contractors in their area. A link to a listing of contractors and the type of work they do is at the end of this notice.


Allen Lumber is NOT recommending any listed contractor, verifying the quality of work, their availability or any other aspect of their business. We are only stating that they are a customer, that they are in good standing with us, and they have requested to be included in this list.


In order for this list to be viewed you must click the accept button and by doing so expressly release Allen Lumber Company, Inc. from any and all liability on account of any dispute or dissatisfaction with any contractor’s work or performance. If you do not click on ACCEPT, you will be denied access to the Contractor’s list.

We hope that this list provides you with the information to contact a contractor that can help you with your project.

Contractors, if you’d like to participate in our program, CLICK HERE.